Peter Schiff: QE 4 will send gold toward new highs

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2 de febrero 2015

Gold has had a solid January – up close to 10% as measured by the SPDR Gold Shares ETF (GLD). It’s not unlikely territory for the yellow metal. 2014 started out in much the same way, up more than six percent that month before closing the year a few percentage points lower than where it began.

Peter Schiff thinks while the start of 2015 is similar, the end will be quite different.

“All the Wall Street strategists are all bearish on gold. They’re bearish on gold stocks and I think instead of giving up the early rallies that happened last year, I think we’re going to build on the gains throughout the year.”

He notes that the price of gold I s up in every currency but the dollar this year, though he’s not completely ready to discount the precious metals in dollar terms.

“I think gold is going to go up in all currencies – it is rising faster in Euros and some other currencies than it is in dollars but it’s still rising in U.S. dollars…I think it’s breaking out – now is a good time to buy….In fact this year I believe gold prices are going to hit all time record highs in just about every major currency except the U.S. Dollar.

We might have to wait until 2016 before gold prices hit a record high in dollars.»

Schiff believes the strong dollar has no where to go but down, another catalyst for gold as the year plays out. Still, he says the biggest move in gold in dollars will come at the hands of the Fed.

“When the Fed announces QE 4, that’s going to be a big game changer. It’s going to catch everybody by surprise.” Schiff says such a move by the Fed would prompt China to follow in Switzerland’s footsteps, depeg-ging the Yuan from the dollar as the Swiss did from the euro two weeks ago.

He also notes that gold and the Swiss franc have a history of mutual benefits. He believes a strong Swiss franc, un-pegged from the euro, will also aid in gold’s ascent.–qe-4-will-send-gold-toward-new-highs-193301148.html


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